Want to know what the Flamingo is all about?

Pink Junk Flamingo in pool

So do we! (..just kidding)

When we started out we wanted a brand that would represent who we are and the business we wanted to create.  Whilst we are ultra professional, we don't take ourselves too seriously, we have fun and love to raise a smile once in a while!

But, try as we may, we couldn't think of anything appropriate...I mean, how do you make junk removal fun...?!?

Then, whilst on holiday, a travel companion said "be the Flamingo"...

What does that mean, you ask?  So did we...

Our companion went on to tell a story of a "friend" who had struggled for years to grow his scaffolding company.  Then one day, for a bet, he coated all his scaffolding for a large job in pink.  Instantly, (so the story goes) the calls started coming and he hasn't looked back since!

Why, you ask?

Well, (we believe) it was that he stood out from the crowd and bucked the industry trend.

Much like the humble Flamingo.  And who would you rather be, a Seagull, or a Flamingo?

Suffice to say, this discussion was a light bulb moment for us.

We decided immediately that "be the flamingo" was the perfect company mantra to suit the business we were aspiring to build and that it should apply to everything we do.

With this in mind, changing our business name was a natural progression and "PINK JUNK" was born shortly after.

So what does this company ethos mean to our clients?

It means we remove your junk standing on one leg!

(Not really - health and safety would have a field day with that one!)

What it really means is that we dare to be different!

So our clients receive stand-out client service, delivered by the best people, who arrive on time, have been provided first class training, the cleanest t-shirts (and adhere to our mandatory shower a day policy) and the most open, transparent and competitive pricing.

So if you don't like pink, thats cool with us, but it makes us smile and we certainly hope it will make you smile as well!

And here we are...

Brent, is the one with the pointy head on the left.  And big nose on the right is James.

We are brothers-in-law, business partners, best mates and co-founders of PINK JUNK.

Brent and James