Frequently Asked Questions


Does the PINK JUNK team have a pink fetish?

Yes.  Next question.

What exactly is it that PINK JUNK does?

Residential and commercial junk and rubbish removal.  If you have household junk or commercial waste you need to get rid of, but don't have the time, equipment or man power, we will come, take it away and dispose of it for you.  Better still, we even provide the labour.

What do you take?

Almost anything.  As long as it fits into our shiny pink trucks!  More information is available here.

Are you 100% Australian?

Yes, we are. Apart from our English CEO - but don't hold that against us, he's alright really.

How do I pay?

We take no credit card details over the phone.  Our team turn up, give you a quote and, if you wish to proceed, we take payment there and then. Either by cash or card via our secure mobile payment system.

Do you recycle?

Yes we do. We think it is incredibly important to look after this wonderful country (and planet), so that our children and their children can enjoy it in the same way we have.

For this reason, we re-cycle, up-cycle or pass to other third parties everything we can.  We estimate that approximately 65-70% of the junk we collect falls into the category.

Do the team accept tips?

There is absolutely no obligation whatsoever to tip but, if you received exceptional service and you would like to, any tip will be welcomed.

How do you take your tea?

White with one and a couple of biscuits on the side.  Ta.

Are PINK JUNK all work and no play?

Oh no! Quite the opposite in fact.  Like anyone else, we like to read a book on a Flamingo in a pool from time to time...

Pink Junk Flamingo in pool